10/01/2017 11:56 GMT | Updated 10/01/2017 16:09 GMT

Piers Morgan And Charlotte Church In Twitter Spat Over Donald Trump Inauguration

She didn’t exactly seem enthused at the prospect.

Charlotte Church tweeted that she had been approached by Donald Trump’s team to perform at his inauguration - but she didn’t exactly seem enthused at the prospect.

She tweeted at the president-elect:

Her old sparring partner Piers Morgan couldn’t resist firing back at her though:

Church responded with a musical riposte:

Which the Good Morning Britain presenter quickly parried with another Sinatra classic:

Before Church signed off:

The pair have a history of locking horns.

In November, Church branded Morgan a “fucking twat” in an interview with Vice and in 2014 told Stylist he was a “prick”.

They also had an online spat following the European referendum result in which he called her out for calling Nigel Farage a “piece of shit” and she responded by telling him he should “keep your Pinocchio snout out of my business”.

LEON NEAL via Getty Images
Charlotte Church has clashed with Piers Morgan on a number of occasions

This latest altercation comes after another British singer responded to a request to play at Trump’s inauguration.

Rebecca Ferguson also confirmed she would not perform at the event.

The singer initially said she would accept Trump’s invitation - but only if she can sing the civil rights anthem ‘Strange Fruit’ made famous by Billie Holiday.

Originally a poem by Abel Meeropol, the song was first recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939 and has been covered many times since. It takes its title from the lynchings of black people in the American Deep South, and is hailed as one of America’s greatest protest songs.