Piers Morgan Offers To Pay For All NHS Workers' Parking Fines During Coronavirus Pandemic

Property presenter Kirstie Allsopp also said she would "go halves" with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

Piers Morgan has offered to pay for all NHS health workers’ parking fines during the coronavirus outbreak.

The topic of car parking charges at hospitals has been much discussed amid the pandemic, with many people calling for these fees to be scrapped altogether, especially for doctors and nurses who are on the front line of the crisis.

Many health workers have no choice but to drive into work at the moment given the risk of infection on public transport.

During Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain, Piers weighed in on the row and insisted he’ll pay any NHS staff’s tickets should they get fined.

Piers Morgan on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain
Piers Morgan on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain

He said: “I will say now, to any health worker during the future of this crisis, however long it lasts, if any of you get a parking ticket, at a hospital where you’re working, I will pay it for you.

“I will pay it, and I will then go to the government, and have the battle, and you don’t get involved.

“Send it in to Good Morning Britain, and I will pay it the parking ticket. If that’s what it takes,” he added.

Location, Location, Location presenter Kirstie Allsopp, who was appearing on the ITV breakfast show via video link later told him: “I will go halves with you on those parking tickets, Piers.”

Kirstie Allsopp said she would go halves with Piers
Kirstie Allsopp said she would go halves with Piers

Piers’ offer was also endorsed by his co-host Susanna Reid, who is currently presenting from home after entering self-isolation last week.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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