Jeremy Clarkson Couldn't Help But Revel In Piers Morgan's Disastrous Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Performance

"You’ve humiliated yourself," the quiz show presenter told his old foe.

Jeremy Clarkson could not hide his delight as his old foe Piers Morgan “humiliated himself” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

The Good Morning Britain presenter walked away with just £1,000 on a charity special of the ITV quiz show on Boxing Day, after he failed to answer the £32,000 question correctly.

Piers appeared on the show after settling a long-standing feud with the former Top Gear star, having claimed Jeremy once hit him in the head three times at an awards ceremony in 2004.

But Jeremy proved the old rivalry was still there as Piers lost £15,000 when he was asked to select the Formula 1 driver who has not been a teammate of Lewis Hamilton.

Piers Morgan only walked away with £1,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Piers Morgan only walked away with £1,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
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After Piers incorrectly chose Jenson Button instead of Kimi Raikkonen, Jeremy remarked: “They do say that if you wait by the riverbank for long enough, the bodies of your enemies will come floating by - and yours has come by.”

He added: “You’ve humiliated yourself – you’ve cost yourself £15,000.”

During the show, the pair also discussed their previous altercation, as they showed off their injuries to viewers.

After asking for Jeremy’s help on a particular question, Piers said: “I can think of a million reasons why I shouldn’t trust you, including this scar on my forehead.

“And there’s your broken finger... from when he struck me.”

Piers previously revealed he and Jeremy had settled their differences with a boozy night out, telling Good Morning Britain viewers earlier month: “We had a big night out at my local pub, where we sort of drank ourselves into oblivion and declared peace after a 10-year feud.”

After failing on Millionaire, Piers pledged the money he lost to Scotty’s Little Soldiers out of his own pocket, topping the show’s £1,000 donation up to £16,000.

The charity helps bereaved children of servicemen and women, and said it could “not thank Piers enough” for his donation.


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