Badass Pilot Wows The Internet With Enviable Photos Of Her Travels

'But it’s not all about lying on beaches.'

A young pilot has the internet in awe after documenting the beautiful places her job takes her.

Michelle Gooris, 25, from Amsterdam, became a qualified pilot in 2013 and has since offered thousands of people a sneak peek into her career and travels through her blog ‘Dutch Pilot Girl’.

She was first inspired to take flight by her grandfather, who obtained his pilot licence at the ripe old age of 74.

After dropping out of medical school and spending two years training at flight school, she became a fully fledged pilot and hasn’t looked back since.

Gooris flies to numerous places across the globe - including Nice, Moscow and Zakynthos (to name but a few) - documenting her life as a Ryanair pilot.

She answers questions from fans and shares her experiences of flight training and aviation. All of this is then shared with her 21,000 followers on Instagram and 15,000 YouTube subscribers.

While her job has taken her all over the world, to some incredible destinations, Gooris insists that it’s far from easy.

She told The Mirror: “I love my job and the places it takes me. The amazing locations I get to visit are just a bonus.

“People think from looking at my Instagram that I’m on holiday all time, but it’s not all about lying on beaches.

“Flying a passenger jet is hard work and takes a lot of concentration, after all, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.”

Thriving in what is typically classed as a male-dominated industry, Gooris wants to keep smashing taboos around what being a pilot is all about.

“Aviation is not about lying on the beach and making money. This industry is about passion and willing to work hard for your goals in life,” she wrote on her blog.

“I am trying to show that, with a little bit of luck, anyone can become a pilot, as long as you give the full 200%.”