The pilot who calmly landed a stricken airliner this week is one of many women who have owned the skies.
Some months ago I wrote about the inspiration of Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to complete a solo flight across
Thriving in what is typically classed as a male-dominated industry, Gooris wants to keep smashing taboos around what being
I'm about to board the morning flight from Heathrow to New York and I am reminded of a conversation some months ago with a (female) colleague. She told me of her discomfort - I think she actually said horror - as she was boarding a flight and noticed the pilot was a woman.
Just 3% of the world’s commercial airline pilots are women and only 450 of them have achieved the rank of captain. But easyJet
Going on holiday any time soon? You might want to look away - this video contains some fairly worrying confessions from actual
When a proposition is put to the police, that something that they consider critical is about to be reduced but 'will be more efficient' those who actually need and use the service are understandably sceptical.
Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you left that boring old nine to five job behind and ran away to live in the jungle? Well that's exactly what I did so let me take you on a journey from the remote seaside town of Nabire into some of the world's most remote settlements.