Pink’s Reaction To Receiving A Wheel Of Cheese On Stage From A Fan Is Pretty Gouda

Maybe it's cheesy, but watching this moment unfold is unbrieliveable.
Pink performs on stage Wednesday in Berlin.
Pink performs on stage Wednesday in Berlin.
Andreas Rentz via Getty Images

Cheese is nacho average gift for a fan to give a musician during a live performance.

Pink was singing at the BST Hyde Park Festival in London over the weekend when a TikToker captured the moment when someone in the audience gifted the artist with a large wheel of brie.

And just like the song Pink was performing at the time — her reaction is Fuckin’ Perfect.

As the song winds down, you can see Pink in the TikTok video lock eyes with someone in the front row with an expression of confusion, but then amusingly nods and chuckles.

She bends down with her arm outstretched to retrieve the cheese. Once Pink has the cumbersome treat in her hand — a Brie de Meaux, to be exact — Pink appears to say the words “thank you” before walking away looking completely bewildered.

This, however, wasn’t the weirdest offering from a Pink fan during her two-day stint at the London festival.

The Grammy winner was also surprised with a bag of ashes from a fan’s cremated mother. A short video shows the pop star looking hesitant as she receives the bag.

“This is your mom?” she asks the audience member. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Pink moved the ashes out of sight and continued to perform her 2001 hit, “Just Like a Pill.”

As Rolling Stone and other outlets pointed out, these stunts are among the many recent strange — and sometimes dangerous — things concertgoers have been doing.

Singer Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the eye Wednesday night by something thrown from the audience in Iowa. “Don’t throw things,” she later told fans.

Last week, singer Ava Max was slapped in the face by an aggressive fan who rushed the stage during her performance in Los Angeles. The man was quickly hauled away by security.

And last year, Lady Gaga was pummeled in the head with a doll while performing a Toronto show for her Chromatica Ball tour.

Maybe offering a musician a goofy gift like a wheel of cheese is a feta idea than something that would put the performer in danger.


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