PizzaExpress Launches Gluten-Free Dough Balls In UK Restaurants

A dough-lectable idea.

Nothing makes a meal at PizzaExpress like dough balls and now gluten-free and coeliac diners can also enjoy them.

The Italian restaurant chain is set to launch a gluten-free version of its classic dish across UK branches from 22 March.

The gluten-free dough balls will be available to buy with PizzaExpress garlic butter for £3.95 - the same price as the restaurant's regular dough balls.

Children will also be able to request gluten-free dough balls when ordering from the "Piccolo" menu.


The announcement comes after the chain introduced gluten-free pizza bases to its restaurants in 2013.

Visitors can order the gluten-free base on any of the pizzas on the menu.

The chain also offers gluten-free options across its salads and desserts.

It's not surprising brands like PizzaExpress have opted to expland their gluten-free options in recent years.

A 2015 YouGov survey reportedly found that 60% of UK adults have bought a gluten-free product and 10% of households contain someone who believes gluten is bad for them.

That's a lot of people who've been missing out on dough balls.

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