David Attenborough Has Viewers Rapt Over Fate Of Baby Ibex And Dancing Bears In 'Planet Earth II'

This nature series has been an emotional rollercoaster.

‘Planet Earth II’ has done it again.

This time last week, viewers were still recovering from the grisly scene of baby iguanas fleeing from their lives from hordes of snakes, and wiping their eyes over the fate of baby penguins.

This week, they’re wringing out their hankies over the fate of baby Nubian ibex, featured as part of this week’s episode concentrating on mountain animals.

Viewers watched, with their hearts in their mouths, as Sir David Attenborough followed a fox trapping the baby ibex on a mountainside. Their only means of escape? A sheer 30-feet drop over the edge.

Off they went, leaving the fox to hunt elsewhere, but with viewers desperate to know the fate of the ibex - who had leaped to safety, as it transpired.

And, elsewhere, snow leopards fought, and bears danced in the woods, and Sir David Attenborough gave a lesson in how to pronounce ‘avalanché’.

This programme has it all going on.

‘Planet Earth II’ continues on Sunday evenings on BBC One. You can catch up on all the goings-on on BBCiPlayer.

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