10/12/2016 09:28 GMT | Updated 13/12/2016 13:55 GMT

‘Planet Earth II’ Producer Reveals The Scariest Moment Of Filming Sunday's Series Finale


Sunday night (11 December) will see the final episode of ‘Planet Earth II’ screened, and a member of the series’ production crew has opened up about one terrifying moment that occurred during filming.

The hour-long series closer will focus on cities and the ways in which wildlife has adapted to live (reasonably harmoniously) alongside humans.

BBC NHU/Fredi Devas
Hyenas in Harar

One segment will feature scenes from Harar, Ethiopia, where hyenas prowl the streets.

It was there that the crew found themselves surrounded by the animals, and the episode’s producer, Fredi Devas, explains to the Mirror: “I’ve always found hyenas to be quite terrifying animals. In Harar in Ethiopia one night, we were surrounded by more than a hundred of them, fighting.

“They were fighting on the outskirts of town to see who’d gain access to the city. They’re the second-largest land predator in Africa after the lion.

“They were extraordinary. There are two hyena clans who regularly use the city. To work out who gets access, they go to a place outside the city limits and have a fight.

BBC NHU/Fredi Devas
Yusef feeds the hyenas by hand, proving he is far braver than we will ever be 

“A piece of ground where they can meet up like the gangs in ‘Westside Story’ and have it out. They really fight. You’ve got a hundred around you, running around your feet and legs en masse, turning on each other.

“You do think that if they turned on you, you’re gone. That’s it. If they decided that we were the problem, that would be that. But they don’t.”

Well… Rather them than us, that’s all we’ll say.

In a rare move, the episode will also feature Sir David Attenborough on screen.

So far, the six-part series has been a huge hit with fans, and the BBC has already hinted that a third could be on the way.

Watch the latest episodes of ‘Planet Earth II’ on the BBC iPlayer.

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