Labour MPs Devised A Not-So-Subtle Way To Troll The Tories Over Recent Defections In PMQs

Even the Speaker could not hide his smile at the jibes.
Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle acknowledged the Labour MPs' heckling
Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle acknowledged the Labour MPs' heckling
BBC Parliament

Labour MPs gently heckled their Conservative counterparts over recent defections ahead of PMQs earlier today.

Last week, then-Tory MP Natalie Elphicke crossed the floor shortly before PMQs began.

That made her the second Conservative MP to do so in 11 days and the third in this parliamentary term.

So Keir Starmer’s party was prepared to mock the Tories in case another MP made the leap on Wednesday (even though no one else did this week).

Some of those on the Labour benches made a collective “oooh” noise, pantomime-style, every time a Tory MP came into the chamber to take their seat moments before midday.

They even did it when the Conservative chief whip Simon Hart walked in, prompting Speaker of the House Sir Lindsay Hoyle to say he did not think Hart was defecting – to much laughter around the Commons.

Here’s a clip which captures the scene...

Perhaps the Labour benches got the idea from the Mirror’s deputy politics editor Mikey Smith.

He suggested on social media beforehand that it would be “really, really funny” if Labour MPs made a collective sound of anticipation every time a Conservative MP walked into the Commons – followed by a disappointed noise when they did not cross the floor.

He added: “Unparliamentary? Sure. But funny.”

Obviously, people were delighted when it seemed like Labour had taken his comedic advice.

And, according to Labour MP Neil Coyle, even some Tories were joining in.


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