8 Podcasts To Listen To At Home This Week, Recommended By Us

They're a welcome distraction in what can be a lonely time.

If you’re feeling a little cooped up being inside more than usual or are trying to adjust to your new, quieter workspace, a podcast is a great way to feel less alone, learn something new or laugh out loud.

To make the upcoming weeks a little easier, we asked the HuffPost UK team for their podcast recommendations. Enjoy!

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Batareykin via Getty Images
Modern Painted Blue Headphones on Pink Background. Creative Design in Minimal Style. Trendy duotone effect. 3D render Illustration.

Recommended by Rachael Revesz, Acting Opinion Editor

“I love listening to Fortunately with Fi and Jane, from BBC Sounds. The lighthearted banter and discussions about worthy subjects such as ‘cutlery chuff’ (gross bits in your cutlery drawer) are a delightful distraction from the crazy times we are living in. They tend to have a lot of genuine fun with their guests, and occasional passers-by in the canteen. I always feel light and breezy by the end!”

Recommended by Jess Brammar, Editor-in-chief

“As a pregnant person under isolation and wondering where she will be giving birth amid all this, I’m really enjoying The Positive Birth Story Podcast, which is just women talking through their positive birth experiences with a Swedish midwife. It’s really honest, sometimes graphic (and a bit sweary), and is definitely helping me feel less anxious about what’s coming!”

Recommended by Brogan Driscoll, Life Editor

“I was recommended this podcast by a friend and after the first listen I was hooked. Each episode is a recording of real couple’s first relationship counselling session, facilitated by Esther Perel, a well-known Belgian psychotherapist, with issues ranging from infidelity to impotence. I love it because the anonymity allows you to eavesdrop without feeling guilty, and because Perel offers such incredible insight to the way we think and behave.”

Recommend by Charlie Lindlar, Commissioning Editor for HuffPost Personal

“I never tire of this podcast, which features first-person stories of significant life events from an unfathomably unique and diverse cast of characters. Each story is richly, expertly told and never quite goes where you’d expect – but always leaves me both inspired and stunned at the strength of the human spirit.”

Recommended by John Johnston, Senior Video Producer

“I’m quickly coming to the realisation that the 1990s were the pinnacle of humanity and if you were a kid growing up in the 90s, this will bring you back to the best time of your life. While 2020 bludgeons us over the head, have a sit down with this as a host of comedians and footballers with 90s links talk to Josh Widdicombe and Chris Scull about the moments in football you’ll love as you recall your defining memories of the class of 92, Football Italia, Ray Houghton scoring that goal and the definitive formation for Champ Manager.”

Recommended by Amy Packham, Life Editor

“Happier by Gretchen Rubin is a dream to listen to, as the author of “The Happiness Project” talks about small tips and practical things you can do to make your life happier. Her co-host is her sister, and they have great banter on the podcast so it’s an easy listen, too. They propose try-at-home ideas (one was to sort out your messy wardrobe, and I did it and it genuinely helped!), simple happiness hacks, listener questions and stumbling blocks we may come across. I’ve found. It’s a great way to lift my mood and rethink habits.”

Recommended by Louise Whitbread, Life Reporter

“This podcast, newly created by Francesca Specter a journalist and self-confessed reformed extrovert, is very fitting for the current climate as it celebrates the positive side of spending time alone. Learning to value your time alone is a lesson we could all benefit from, and while it’s only on it’s first episode, it’s an uplifting, chatty one to get in on. Specter’s first guest, Alain de Bottom, shares his insightful perspective on pop culture, Bridget Jones, distinguishing the difference between being alone and being lonely and what fulfilment looks like in this day and age. It’s an easy listen and I’m really looking forward to seeing who the next guests will be.”

Recommended by Rachael Revesz, Acting Opinion Editor

“I often listen to podcasts as much for the voice and personality as the content, to be honest. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoyed Dawn O’Porter’s series of interviews for her podcast, So Lucky, with her celebrity mates, including Sara Pascoe. Dawn’s voice is warm, earnest and friendly - it’s the audio equivalent of holding a warm mug of tea in your hands.”