Pokemon: Let's Go For Nintendo Switch Is A GameBoy Classic In Disguise

It's a new version of the 1998 GameBoy classic Pokemon Yellow.

Two brand-new Pokemon games have been unveiled for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Evee! are essentially remasters of the 1998 GameBoy classic Pokemon Yellow and will feature the original characters, locations and of course, the original 150 Pokemon.

Unlike the 1998 versions, these new games are fully 3D and have enhanced features such as online multiplayer, online and local co-op and full integration with the Pokemon Go mobile game.

Both games have a UK release date of 16th November.

The 3D RPG will let you play as either a boy or girl as you set out to explore the world of Kanto.

As with Pokemon Yellow you’ll have a permanent companion in the form of either Pikachu or Evee, depending on which version you decide to buy.

Taking that level of companionship one step further you’ll also be able to buy a special Poke Ball controller that will simulate the feeling of having caught a Pokemon and can even be carried around with you as a sort of abstract Tamagotchi.

Game Freak

Other new features include the ability to team up with another player and fight/catch Pokemon together. You’ll also be able to trade Pokemon wirelessly either through the Nintendo Switch or through the Pokemon Go app.

The game will feature an all-new 3D combat system but keeps the classic mechanics of battles by letting you choose one of four different active or passive moves.

It can be played with just one controller as well which means that you can co-op with just a single Switch console.

Game Freak

The game isn’t technically the first Pokemon game to arrive on the Switch. That accolade goes to Pokemon Quests, a Minecraft-style free-to-play game that feels like a very striped down version of the classic Pokemon experience.

If all that wasn’t enough to get you excited about Pokemon again, then there’s even more good news which is that the game’s developers Game Freak have confirmed that an all-new ‘Core’ Pokemon game designed for Switch will release in 2019.


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