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The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Sleep, a new app in development which promises to “turn sleeping into entertainment”. The app will track a user’s sleeping patterns and use them to influence gameplay, building on the work of walking-based Pokemon Go. Pokemon Sleep will be available in 2020.
Chen San-yuan, otherwise known as “Pokémon Grandpa”, was introduced to the “Pokémon Go” by his grandson. He now plays with 15 phones attached to his bike.
It's a new version of the 1998 GameBoy classic Pokemon Yellow.
Our world is becoming increasingly augmented through digital technology; Snapchat Filters, Pokémon GO and Ikea Place bringing
'Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighbourhoods and cities to discover & fight legendary beasts.'
'Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighbourhoods and cities to discover & fight legendary beasts.'
The developers behind the worldwide phenomenon Pokémon Go have announced their next project and we think you’ll agree, it’s
If you're thinking about that Black Mirror episode where your social media rating affects everything from the house you can rent to the friends you keep, then you've pretty much got it. Sesame Credit scans your social data, purchasing behaviour, it even scans your friends (you lose points for having friends with low Sesame scores). Welcome to Big Brother's kinder, gentler hand.
It took me 20 hours to travel to Texas for SXSW, including having to check-in twice even though I hadn't left the airport. When I arrived, Sony teleported me to Machu Picchu in seconds. I stood in a box, jumped and landed in Peru. And not one aggressive customs officer in sight.
A new video entitled 'Strange Beasts' has been doing the rounds on social media this week. Directed by Magali Barbé, the film purports to be a trailer for the next generation of augmented reality gaming -- but in actual fact, it is a short fictional work, and a commentary on the increasing encroachment of virtual reality and augmented reality upon our lives.
They can't be imposed on a gamer. We desperately need the best and most creative of the developer community working on health gaming, as much as on the next GTA or first person shooter. And if we get it right, it will deliver ever more powerful tools to help the next generation of fourteen year olds.
Pokemon Go is set to get a range of new Pokemon later this week as Niantic seeks to reignite interest in the smash-hit smartphone
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The days of chalkboards and dusty textbooks in classrooms are long gone. Over the past two decades, technology has slowly crept into the classroom, changing the way students study and access information, and also opened up a whole new world of resources for teachers to utilise.
Super Mario Run, a game that has somehow managed to split public opinion down the middle, has shown that when it comes to