Jurassic World Alive Is Essentially Pokemon Go With Dinosaurs

Where do we sign up?

Pokemon Go has been, it’s fair to say, a staggering success. It’s addictive, easy to play and combines our nostalgic love of Pokemon with the ease and portability of our smartphones.

Imagine that winning recipe and combine it with another nostalgic gold mine in the form of Jurassic Park and that is what Jurassic World Alive essentially is.

While it’s not made by the same developer as Pokemon Go (they’re currently working a Harry Potter game), Jurassic World Alive takes many of the same elements that you’ll find in Pokemon Go.

You explore the real world looking to find new dinosaurs and then extracting samples of their DNA.

Collect enough DNA and you can start creating your own DNA in the lab with the end result being that you can have your own dinosaur showdowns.

It’s not entirely clear how the game will incorporate the dinosaurs into the real-world but the hope is that you will be able to see a t.rex walking through your local park.

What we do know is that the game will be launching on iPhone, iPad and on Android. There’s no release date as yet but you can sign up below the YouTube video to get alerted when it goes live.


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