Wizards Unite: The Harry Potter Version Of Pokémon Go Is, Well, Go

You can download the new game from today.

If you liked Pokémon Go in 2016 then get ready for a summer of Pokémon meets Pottermore – as the Harry-Potter themed follow up game is released.

The game, called Wizards Unite, has been created by the same team (Niantic Labs) behind the hit past-time of big kids and small ones in summer 2016 and will use augmented reality to bring Harry Potter into the real world.

Using your smartphone or tablet you’ll be able to explore real locations for magical animated characters – both friends and enemies – from J.K Rowling’s stories.

The game is available on both iOD and Android from Friday 21 June.

Warner Bros.

So what should gamers expect? “The Ministry is looking for witches and wizards willing to roll up their sleeves and volunteer to save the wizarding world from the calamity,” the website tells us.

Players will be members of the Secrecy Task Force (employed by the Ministry of Magic) to help fight evil and learn spells.

The “calamity” is causing artefacts, creatures, people and even memories to appear in the Muggle world. Gamers will be responsible for ensuring these items are returned safely to the Ministry.

Not only will you have to hunt them down, but you’ll also have to engage in real-time multiplayer battles against dangerous foes, similar to the raids in Pokémon Go.

But this time instead of locating Pokémon you’ll be on the look out for magical items. And rather than using Pokéballs to capture them, you’ll need your wand at the ready.