This Guy Turned Real Life Into A Video Game And It Looks Awesome

Augmented reality FTW.

If you liked Pokemon Go’s augmented reality offering, you’ll be blown away by a new adaptation of Portal for Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

Valve’s gaming series was a big hit among PC gamers, but it looks even better when it’s rendered on to real-world environments.

Designed by Kenny W, an AR games developer, the HoloLens adaptation turns every surface around you into a potential site for a Portal.

It’s not the first time Kenny has built impressive AR environments for HoloLens. In November, he released amazing footage of an augmented Pokemon battle.

Kenny’s latest project has drawn Microsoft’s attention, with a tweet from a developer team saying it’s one of the coolest HoloLens projects they’ve seen.

We’ll second that.


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