Pokemon Go Makeup Is Here And We're Not Sure How To Feel About It

There's creative and there's downright creepy.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon has officially taken over our lives and left us in an abyss of ‘missing’ friends, armed robberies and world-ending updates.

Now it’s coming for our beauty trends too (gotta catch ‘em all etc).

Because Pokemon Go nail art wasn’t enough to satiety the cute creature-obsessed, Pokemon makeup is the latest Instagram craze - but it’s not all as lighthearted as you would imagine.

It ranges from subtle looks...

A photo posted by Alessa Berry (@alessaberry) on

And inspired eye makeup...

To detailed face painting...

And complete human-to-Pokemon transformations.

A photo posted by angryskies (@angryskies) on

A photo posted by Tabbz 😼 (@sailortabbycat) on

A photo posted by Sarah (@geek_chic_studio) on

Including this terrifying ‘Pikachu pop art zombie’.

We’re going to have nightmares.


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