Poll Gives Theresa May's Tories 18 Point Lead Over Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

Jack Taylor via Getty Images

Theresa May’s Conservative Party has an 18 point lead over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, according to a poll published on Wednesday.

The Ipsos MORI survey for the Evening Standard put the Tories on 47%, way ahead of Labour on 29%.

The poll also showed Ukip has dropped below the Lib Dems, who are on 7%, with the support of just 6% of voters.

Gideon Skinner, Head of Political Research at Ipsos MORI, said Labour was not taking advantage of public concern about the impact of Brexit. “The Conservatives’ honeymoon continues - for the moment at least,” he said.

The poll showed half of voters (48%) remain satisfied in how May is doing her job as Prime Minister (32% dissatisfied) leaving her a net satisfaction score of +16.

This compares with three in ten (31%) who say they are satisfied with Corbyn as Labour leader and more than half (55%) who are dissatisfied, giving him a net satisfaction score of -24.

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