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Trendy Baby Names 2017: Nameberry Release List Of 'Hottest' Names This Year Including Kyd And Kyra

Are you inspired by the name Tahiti or Tatjana?

The baby names set to get “hotter, cooler and trendier” in 2017 have been released by a baby naming website.

Nameberry shared their predictions for the baby names they believe will be more “visible” in the year ahead.

The founders looked at what names on their site have had the biggest increase in page views in the first month of 2017, compared to January 2016.

“The results are astonishing,” wrote Pamela Redmond Satran from Nameberry. “A whole raft of hot new names signal a major cultural shift in 2017.

They noticed a few of last year’s trends dying out  - including the reign of names beginning with a vowel - and shared a list of the top 25 girls and top 25 boys’ names. 

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Names from around the world were popular, including the Russian name Tatjana, (which increased 1,508% in popularity compared to last year) for girls and the Persian name Alizeh.

Other unusual names that made the list included Tahiti, Kyra, Calista and Koa.

The name Ines had risen 338% in popularity compared to 2016. Nameberry’s founders believe this could be an instance of popular culture influencing parents-to-be after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively chose the name for their baby.

For boys, the name Kyd rose 4,141% in views compared to 2016 and Benajah, which looks to be a variation of Ben or Benjamin, rose by 2,300%.

To see the full list of the trendiest names, visit the Nameberry website.

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