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Popular Baby Names: Top 10 Girls' And Boys' Names In Ireland In 2017

James is no longer the most popular name for boys ☘️

Jack was the most popular baby name for boys born in Ireland last year, and Emily was the most popular choice for girls.

The latest baby name statistics, released by the Irish Central Statistics Office, showed James was knocked off the top spot where it had stood in 2016.

For girls there was little change as Emily has been the top girls’ name since 2011.

You can see the popular names in Ireland in every year since 1964, here. The tool shows that when records began John was the most popular boys’ name and Mary was the most popular girls’ name.

See the top names in 2017 in the lists below.  

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Top 10 boys’ names in 2017 in Ireland:

1. Jack

2. James

3. Daniel

4. Conor

5. Seán

6. Noah

7. Luke

8. Harry

9. Adam

10. Michael

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Top 10 girls’ names in 2017 in Ireland:

1. Emily

2. Emma

3. Amelia

4. Grace

5. Sophie

6. Lucy

7. Hannah

8. Mia

9. Ava

10. Chloe

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