31/08/2018 11:47 BST | Updated 31/08/2018 11:47 BST

#PositiveTwitterDay: People Are Sharing Uplifting Tweets, Prepare For All The Feels

You won't leave this article feeling sad. Guaranteed.

PeopleImages via Getty Images

It can be all too easy to get sucked headfirst into negativity on social media. Today however, it would seem as though that’s not allowed.

A new hashtag on Twitter is sparking a wave of positivity and we’re 100% here for it. Our feeds are full of smiling babies, adorable animals and positive quotes.

Behold the oh-so-lovely responses to #PositiveTwitterDay.

1. An overjoyed, dancing baby.

2. The success of one ambulance cycle team.

3. A beaming baby post heart surgery.

4. A volunteer dog-walker doing his bit. 

5. Michael Caine being Michael Caine.

6. A hedgehog in a croissant bed.

7. A very excited classmate.

8. Volunteers changing lives.

9. Some positive news for the planet.

10. A tired little boy and his best friend.

11. Happy, sleepy cats (and iced coffee).

12. A valuable lesson from grandma.

13. A lovely quote.

14. Some positive news in the homeless community.

15. A celebration of Britain’s wildlife.

16. A very polite flower (just because).

17. An incredible human interest story. 

18. A big fat yasss to positivity.