Potty-Training Toddler Learns The Hard Way That Toilets Aren't A Toy

'Quick, get a photo for his 21st. Then rescue him.'

A mum woke from a nap to find her potty-training toddler had got himself into a bit of a pickle.

Jess, a 32-year-old mum-of-one from Australia, woke up on Sunday 7 August to the sound of her son Charlie crying for his dad, who was outside painting.

Charlie was meant to also be napping, but instead had managed to lock himself in the bathroom, where he had encountered a spot of bother.

“I didn’t realise how hard it would be to take the potty off his head when I took these,” wrote Jess, who blogs at Peachy Keen Mumma.

“I just thought ‘Quick, get a photo for his 21st. Then rescue him’. But it wasn’t that easy.

“In fact panic set in when I realised how hard this would be.

“It was so hard to get this off with out hurting Charlie’s ears. It definitely took two adults.”

She then jokingly tagged Toys R Us in the post and asked “Do you think potty steps need to come with a warning now? Haha.”

Jess added in the comments that the seat “works really well for potty training” - however it doesn’t work quite so well as a necklace!

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