21/03/2017 12:35 GMT

'Power Rangers' To Feature First Ever LGBT+ Film Superhero

The reboot of the classic kids TV series is coming to cinemas soon.

’Power Rangers’ is to feature the first LGBT+ superhero, it has been reported. 

The upcoming big screen version of the classic ‘90s kids show will see Yellow Ranger Trini coming to terms with her sexuality. 

One particular moment, which has been described as “pivotal”, sees the other heroes realise Trini is having girlfriend problems, rather than boyfriend problems. 

Trini will be played by singer Becky G in the new 'Power Rangers'

Speaking about the moment, director Dean Israelite told The Hollywood Reporter: ”For Trini, really she’s questioning a lot about who she is.

“She hasn’t fully figured it out yet. I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, ‘That’s OK’.

“The movie is saying, ‘That’s OK’ and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.”

Trini was originally played by late actress Thuy Trang is the original TV series, and was portrayed as straight. 

The decision to include an LGBT+ character in the film has won praise from former ‘Power Rangers’ star David Yost.

David, who played Blue Ranger, Billy, in the TV series and is gay himself, also told The Hollywood Reporter: “I think so many people in the LGBTQI community are going to be excited to see that representation.”

The Power Rangers have been given a makeover for the new film

While Trini will be the first openly LGBT+ superhero, ‘Deadpool’ actor Ryan Renoylds previously hinted his character was pansexual

“I love that he can break any boundary. In the future, I hope we get to do that more,” he said. 

Adding it would be “nice” for Deadpool to have a boyfriend at some point, he went on: “I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that. That would be great.”

The ‘Power Rangers’ announcement follows he move to include an “exclusively gay moment” in the recent live action remake of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

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