Pregnancy Time Lapse Video: Mum-To-Be's Bump Grows As She Inhales Large White Balloon

From bump to birth in 48 seconds.

A couple creatively illustrated nine months of pregnancy with one simple object: a white balloon.

Matan and Shani Maivar Tamarkin took pictures to create a stop-motion animation with the illusion that the air from the balloon was blowing up Shani's belly.

The video begins with Matan blowing up a huge white balloon and handing it to his wife.


For the first half of the video, Shani stands in one room holding the balloon to her lips and pretending to "suck in" the air.

As the balloon shrinks smaller, her bump grows bigger.

A post-it note on the wall tells viewers how far along she is in her pregnancy at that time.


In the second half of the video, the door opens and shows how everything is changing around her.

She's pictured with a different scenic background while still holding the balloon firmly with her lips.


By the time the mum-to-be is 40 weeks along, the balloon has deflated and she looks like she's ready to pop.

Shani's husband pretends to shoot a bow and arrow at her stomach and, as if by magic, their baby appears.


So simple, but we love it.

The video, uploaded on 30 March 2016, received more than 52,000 views in six weeks.

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