14/11/2018 10:57 GMT | Updated 14/11/2018 15:09 GMT

Prince Charles' Groussaka And Pheasant Crumble Pie: Royal Lifts The Lid On His Kitchen Creations

Is that an Ottolenghi recipe?

What do you want to eat on your birthday? Colin the Caterpillar cake and a few cocktail sausages on sticks? The Prince of Wales has put us all to shame by revealing his b-day fave is something we didn’t even know existed: groussaka.

Prince Charles has revealed his love of groussaka, his own kitchen creation inspired by the Greek classic, moussaka, but prepared with grouse meat (a game feathered bird) instead of lamb. He described his dish as “delicious”. 

Preparing to celebrate his 70th on Wednesday, he revealed: “I invented a grouse one, coq au vin with grouse, as well as moussaka with grouse. It doesn’t always have to be lamb – in other words, groussaka!” 

The Prince also revealed his second-favourite meal is pheasant crumble pie. Wonder if we can get that in a Tesco meal deal?


Not only did we learn about the Prince’s refined palate but also that he doesn’t eat lunch (that grouse keeps you full) and that he would be a nightmare in an office tea round: his cuppa of choice is a Darjeeling with honey and milk.

People were quick to point out that his food habits were not really keeping him in touch with the common man.

We also learned the Prince drinks his own brand of whisky, Barrogill, and keeps chickens in his garden at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire (Burford Brown and Maran breeds, if you’re interested).

The Prince is also a fan of olive oil but instead of buying some from his local Waitrose, he goes one step further and gets it shipped in from Italy.

Unfortunately on one occasion the jars were put in a crate tagged ‘The Prince of Wales, Tetbury’ and were sent to a pub with the same name, instead of Charles. We hope he let the landlord keep the delivery. 

In other non-food-related news, the Prince has apparently been a member of the Magic Circle since 1975, when he passed an audition by performing a “cup and balls” trick.

So full of surprises.