Prince George Gives Kate's Back To Nature Garden '20/10' In Adorable Video

What a sweetie

Prince George has been raving about his mum’s new garden at the Chelsea Flower Show – and gave it higher than top marks when asked by his dad.

The Duchess of Cambridge unveiled her woodland wilderness garden – which aims to get children spending more time outdoors – in London yesterday.

The three young royals had an opportunity to play in the garden earlier this week, and now Kensington Royal has shared a video showing what they actually thought of it.

While swinging on a rope swing, George is asked by William: “How many marks of 10 would you give [the garden] George? 10 being the highest?”

“20!” George enthusiastically replies, to which his dad says: “That’s pretty good, mummy has done well.”

“What a little sweetie he is,” one person wrote, while others commented on the fact that they hadn’t heard George speak before.

The royal children spent an hour playing in the Back To Nature Garden with their parents, as shown in six candid images taken on Sunday.

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