Princess Leia Hair Tutorial: This Super Easy Method Will Even Work On Short Hair

Her 'cinnamon buns' are so simple to recreate.

Princess Leia buns are being recreated the world over this week in tribute to Carrie Fisher, who passed away at the age of 60 on Tuesday 27 December.

Lovingly referred to by Fisher as “cinnamon buns”, the iconic hairstyle is super simple to recreate at home thanks to easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials.

We’re loving vlogger Sophie Eggleton’s video (above), which takes mere minutes and will even work on shorter hair - for more voluminous buns try adding clip-in extensions.


It goes without saying that Fisher was so much more than just Princess Leia, but that doesn’t mean we won’t always remember how badass her ‘Star Wars’ character was.

If you need a refresh: she had the wittiest one-liners, fought like the best of them, and killed Jabba the Hutt for imprisoning her in a metal bikini.


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