Still Working From Home? These Practical Products Will Help Keep You Sane

Fallen into a WFH slump? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Products that will help you stay sane when working remotely
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Products that will help you stay sane when working remotely

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At least half of UK workers are still working remotely at least some of the time, according to a YouGov study, and the novelty has well and truly worn off.

Working from home has some incredible perks, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a few issues. Who would have thought working from your sofa could feel so exhausting?

But, take it from someone who’s been remote working for the past eight years, there are plenty of simple remedies to remove the stress, boost productivity and keep your mindset in check. The right products can really help.

To help you to get a handle on making the most of remote working, and staying sane while you do it, we’ve put together some useful buys that will help you to overhaul your remote routine.

This brownie making kit
It's amazing how soothing baking can be when you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed during a hectic day. For easier baking that won't make a mess or take too long to do, opt for a simple baking kit like this one from BakedIn.
This standing desk
Find sitting down causes you pain, stunts your creativity or productivity, or makes you fidgety? A height adjustable standing desk could be a total game-changer.
This easy-to-store folding workspace
For moving your “office” from place to place (ideal on those warm summer days when you want to be near a window or outside), this foldable desk is a great buy. It's sleek, sturdy, and deceptively large. It's a yes from me.
An extra monitor
Adding an extra monitor to your laptop will make your life (and meeting deadlines) far easier, as everything is more clearly visible, thanks to the extra screen space. This portable screen, designed with laptops in mind, is a great option for extending your screen size.
This cooling Dyson fan
Keep your home cool and free from allergens with this cooling purifying fan with a HEPA filter that removes allergens, pollutants, and dust from the air.
This handy water filter jug (that will give you max office vibes)
Bring a sense of the office into your home with a water filter jug that fits perfectly into your fridge for a wonderfully chilled (and perfectly filtered) glass of water.
These wireless bluetooth ear buds
Block the outside noise out and keep yourself focused with a pair of rechargeable, Bluetooth earphones. (For added focus, pair your earphones with a white noise app and block out every distraction – Calm is perfect for this.)
This super supportive foot rest
Prevent foot, leg and back pain, which naturally makes focusing and enjoying being at home far more difficult, with this ergonomic foot rest.
Take time out to read
Sometimes you just need a breather and to step away from your work and focus on something else for a while. Taking a reading break at lunchtime is the perfect way to get some space, so why not treat yourself to this waterproof, 8GB, graphite Kindle? (Just think how many books you could fit on it.)
Get yourself an ergonomic chair
If there's one thing that's going to drive you crazy when working from home, it's an uncomfortable chair. That's where this compact, ergonomic, rotating office chair comes in. Treat yourself to this bad boy to help prevent back pain and muscle strain.
Buy a yoga mat for when you need to take a break
This high-density, extra thick foam mat is soft and super bouncy, and ideal for home-based exercise. It's amazing how much happier (and more focused) you can feel after practicing a little yoga by your desk.
Utilise this bamboo lap desk (perfect for lazy work days)
Sometimes it's nice to change up where you work and snuggle up on the sofa or, dare we say it, in bed while you work. For easier lap working, this ergonomic desk pad is a real life-saver.
This goal setting planner
Having a visible schedule of meetings, key dates, and deadlines can be a helpful tool when working remotely because it provides clarity on what's expected. This handy planner will make staying on track simple and easy, thanks to is smart page designs and diverse spreads.
This daily planner pad
A handy hack for staying sane while working from home is to schedule your time into blocks (or at least, this is what I find works for me). This daily planner pad, complete with timed blocks and a priorities list, is a great tool for this.
This barista-quality coffee machine
If you're something of a coffee connoisseur, who's partial to multiple coffees from their go-to artisan coffee house while in the office, a quality bean-to-cup machine is non-negotiable when working from home.
This pretty pod machine
Want a barista-level brew without the fuss? Opt for this easy-to-use, Nespresso pod compatible coffee machine.
This low-cost fitness tracker
For keeping track of your steps, this waterproof fitness tracker (with heart rate monitor) is a great buy, especially as it's compatible with both android devices and iPhones.
This smart watch (which will prompt you to stand up anf stretch)
Breaking up your day with a walk can be a great way to stay sane, as well as keeping your productivity levels up. Aim to get 10,000 steps a day into your schedule and use an Apple Watch (or a Samsung watch, if you’re an android user) to track your progress.