Professor Uses Facial Recognition To Detect Bored Students

That'll teach you to play Football Manager...

A professor from SiChuan University in China has created a facial recognition program that should make sure his students are paying attention.

Chris Ryan via Getty Images

According to The Telegraph, Wei Xiaoyong developed the software for his science class where he’s now able to scan his class and detect if certain students look bored.

He created the facial recognition software himself and it’s all based on gauging a person’s emotions.

While it’ll certainly catch you out, Wei believes that by using the software he can improve his lectures and weed out parts of his classes that his students aren’t finding as interesting.

It’s a cool idea in principle but of course there are some minor privacy concerns there. Oh and it’s not entirely effective so if you’re someone who just naturally looks a bit livid then unfortunately the software is rather unfairly going to pick on you.

Wei’s software is being shared with other universities and he hopes that the technology could have use in other fields such as psychology, social sciences and more.