This Alcohol-Sensing Wristband Will Tell You Just How Drunk You Are

You can't argue with science.

With December behind us, we could all probably do with a hiatus from the pub.

But in preparation for our inevitable return to the bar, the world’s first wearable alcohol device, Proof, could not have come at a better time.

We’ve all witnessed the infamous “I’ll just come for one drink” that quickly snowballs into eating a donor kebab on the night bus.


But with this technology, you have the equivalent of a nagging partner by your side all night long.

The technology uses enzyme-based electrochemical sensors inside disposable cartridges that measure the level of alcohol in your sweat over a 12-hour period.

So you’re covered even if you’re settling in for a marathon session.

The sensors don’t just give you a blood alcohol content figure, but a personalised reading about what those numbers means for you in terms of how drunk you’re about to get and when you’ll be sober again.

Not only that but you can set yourself a limit, that when reached, sends an alert to the android or IOS app.

At which point you can make your excuses and leave.


Not only that but the battery life is capable of measuring four days continuously, which you should probably not consider a target.

One feature we definitely won’t be using though, is the friend feature that allows you to privately share your results with family and friends.

Meaning that your mum knows exactly how drunk you were when you were meant to be staying late to do more work.

No thanks.

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