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The experience of using both at the same time has been interesting to say the least. On the one hand (well, wrist), there's Apple's third generation Watch, which has come on leaps and bounds since the first one and is finally starting to provide a more compelling argument that iPhone owners need one in their lives.
A four-year-old girl has been given mobility for the first time after being gifted a motorised scooter from a group of local
We're living in an age of obsession with measuring every aspect of what we do. From hours of sleep, number of steps, and calories consumed, to monitoring our emotional state. New innovations and technologies being unveiled at a rapid pace makes this incredibly easy for people to do.
First came the GPS-based fitness apps that incorporate gamification and social media. It may sound shallow, but receiving a ton of likes on Facebook for completing 10,000 steps in a day is utterly rewarding. Then came wearables that track your very movement to ensure you have the proper form.
Getting 10,000 steps per day may not be the way forward.
If you’re trying to improve your fitness counting the steps you do each day using a fitness tracker or health app could seem
With December behind us, we could all probably do with a hiatus from the pub. But in preparation for our inevitable return