Samsung's 'Smart' Contact Lenses Could Give Us Superhuman Vision

This could also mean big things for our selfie game.

Samsung is planning to change how we all experience the world if their latest patent is anything to go by.

The company has filed a patent for lenses that are equipped with a "tiny display, a camera, an antenna and several sensors," SamMobile, a Samsung-focused blog, reports.

According to this report, both the camera and the sensors can be controlled by blinking.

The images will be projected directly into the eyes of the wearer - just think of the incredible view you'll have of the world around you.

However, the main aim is to capture better quality images so don't get too excited about the superhuman part.

All the wearer will need is a smartphone to process the pictures.

Yes, we know what you're thinking - this could be huge for everyone's selfie game.

Samsung reportedly filed the patent in 2014, so they've been working on the idea for quite some time.

Google are also competing in the same space, holding two patents for smart contact lenses.

However, as SamMobile notes, if and when Samsung's lenses to come to market there will be questions around what the hidden cameras mean for privacy.

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