Great British Bake Off Returns To Innuendo-Heavy Best In Biscuit Week

Prue Leith had the whole tent howling after dropping a classic double entendre.

There are plenty of things that have helped make the Great British Bake Off a success in the last 10 years, from its cosy atmosphere to its many iconic contestants.

And that’s without even getting into the excitement of seeing what statement jewellery Prue Leith is going to be wearing each week.

In Tuesday night’s episode, though, viewers got a big reminder of what helped make the show so infamous in its first incarnation… some good old-fashioned innuendo.

Back in the day when Mel and Sue were at the helm, Bake Off was renowned for its unfortunate wording that had viewers laughing out loud, from soggy bottoms to… well… pretty much any time length or depth were brought up in the conversation.

This time, though, it was Prue who dropped a classic double entendre, and had the entire tent howling in the process.

For this week’s signature challenge, the contestants were tasked with creating some custom florentine biscuits and as Prue and Paul Hollywood offered each of the bakers some tips, Prue admitted to Marc she was concerned about how even his would be.

Or, as she so clumsily put it: “I remember worrying a bit about your very large nuts.”

The double entendres didn’t stop there, though, with Marc falling fowl of one himself towards the end of the episode.

After serving Prue and Paul a coffee-heavy showstopper biscuit, he later told producers that he was going to keep the pair “up all night”, before quickly realising what he’d said.

This week’s show saw Lottie receive the first Hollywood handshake of the series (apparently they’re going nowhere, even in the current climate), but it was Dave that was crowned star baker.

Meanwhile, Mak became the second contestant to be shown the door, with Rowan also suffering a difficult week, with Paul telling the amateur baker to stop giving himself too much work in the signature challenges.

Great British Bake Off returns on Tuesday night at 8pm on Channel 4.


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