'Queer Eye': Tom Reveals He And Abby Are Back Together Following His Makeover


Whether you’re rationing each of the eight episodes to spread out your enjoyment or you’ve already binged the lot in one sitting, Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ reboot is the show everyone is talking about right now.

As with the original show from the early 2000s, ‘Queer Eye’ is a makeover show with a difference, centring around the so-called Fab Five, who every episode help out a straight man in the Atlanta area with aspects of his life he’s unhappy with, whether that’s his living situation, his appearance or his diet.

The new series saw the Fab Five introduced to car enthusiast Tom Jackson, who was hoping the gang could transform his life so he could find himself some female company.

Over the course of the episode, it emerged that Tom was still close with his ex-wife, Abby, with whom he later revealed he was hoping he could be reunited.

Abby later attended a car show with Tom, and after seeing his new look and transformed living quarters, accepted a dinner invitation, much to the enthusiasm of the Fab Five.

While what happened next was kept a mystery, Tom has now given ‘Queer Eye’ fans an update, revealing that he and Abby are now back together.

He tweeted on Wednesday (7 March): “So happy to say that Abby and I are reunited. We’ve loved each other for many years and want to spend the rest of our lives together!!!!!!!!”

The photo also saw him sporting his newly-trimmed beard and flat cap (which we’re sure grooming and fashion experts Jonathan and Tan will be very pleased with).

Tom’s news is made all the sweeter by the fact that just last week, he said that he and Abby had been unable to make things work, declaring her the “love of his life”.

‘Queer Eye’ creator David Collins recently spoke about his hopes to move the show to a new location for its second series, telling IndieWire: I would like to go the tristate region, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, because you can base in Cincinnati and go across the bridge to Kentucky and go up the interstate to Indiana.

The ‘Queer Eye’ reboot is now available to stream in full on Netflix.

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