Question Time Audience Member Says He Would 'Blow Up' America After Brexit

A Question Time audience member last night put forward a novel plan for stopping America sticking its oar into British affairs - blowing them up.

The man, who was appearing on the show as it was recorded in Aberdeen, made the comment - which was most probably a joke - after saying he would vote to Leave the EU in the upcoming referendum.

The gentleman claimed that Barack Obama's intervention into the Brexit debate last month showed the US plan to take over Europe through its corporations.

He said: "Barack Obama came over a few weeks ago and said what is going to happen to Europe and that is that there's going to be this TTIP trade organisation treaty which is going to come in and that's exactly...what it does is it's going to allow corporates, basically, management of Europe and you'll get the same system, it's an American introduced system, whereby they basically run the show."

After announcing he would be voting leave in the upcoming referendum, Question Time host David Dimbleby asked the man how he would deal with the United States.

"I'd blow them up or something," he replied.

Question Time viewers on Twitter were, understandably, both shocked and amused by the comment.

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