10 Questions You Only Get Asked If You Have Twins

Yes, they are identical.

As Beyoncé announced she was expecting not one, but two little additions to her family, parents of twins around the world tried to stifle their excitement at seeing Queen Bey deal with double trouble.

You might think you know parenting, but just you wait.

Not least for the endless questions from strangers about what, when, how and why your uterus decided to make two instead of one.

1. Are they twins?

Looks that way.

2. Are they identical?

What do you think?

3. Were they conceived naturally?

This has got personal very quickly.

4. Do you have twins in your family?

Identical fraternal....

5. Which one was born first?

6. Did you have a caesarean?


7. Do they get on well?

It depends who is watching.

8. Which one is the evil twin?

They both have their moments.

9. How do you tell them apart?

We don’t.

10. Wouldn’t triplets be hard though?

Wouldn’t it just.