We've all been there, man.
thriving families

We’ve all had those moments when we seriously doubt our parenting capabilities - are my children going to grow up to be terrible human beings? Is it wrong to look forward to gin o’clock?

The truth is, no one is a perfect parent, and we should all cut ourselves some slack from time to time.

So, am I a bad parent because...?

This summer The Huffington Post UK is spearheading an initiative helping families thrive, with a focus on parent wellbeing, the challenges facing stay-at-home and working parents, friendships and navigating the landscape of modern parenting beyond the 2.4.

We’ll be sharing stories and blogs with the hashtag #ThrivingFamilies and we’d like you to do the same. If you’d like to use our blogging platform to share your story, email ukblogteam@huffingtonpost.com to get involved.

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