09/08/2016 16:01 BST

RAF Helicopter Catches Fire After Landing In Yr Aran In Snowdonia

Black smoke billowed into the air, but no one has been injured.

An RAF helicopter has burst into flames after a hasty landing on a mountain in Snowdonia.

The training chopper made a precautionary landing on Yr Aran in north west Wales after a “technical issue” and it caught fire, with flames reaching 10ft into the air, according to witnesses.

The four people aboard got off before it caught fire and emergency services are on the scene, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said.

Witness Huw Price tweeted a picture of smoke billowing into the air from a mountain, saying he could see a “huge fire”. He took photos from nearby peak of Mount Snowdon.

Price said two rescue helicopters were circling and one of them winched a person to safety, though this appeared to be a separate incident, he added.

An air ambulance and a coast guard helicopter were dispatched to the scene, the BBC reported.

The helicopter was a Griffin training one, used by the RAF’s  Search and Rescue Training Unit.

An air exclusion zone has been put in place.