Raf Simons Made Bomber Jackets With Boners On

But they'll probably get you in trouble.

WARNING: Graphic images containing nudity.

As of late, it's safe to say fashion has been preoccupied with genitals. We've had vagina dresses, cervix scarves, ball-bag rucksacks and now... the boner jacket.

Designer Raf Simons unleashed his, err, impressive creation at Milan Fashion week on 16 June.

Estrop via Getty Images

His latest menswear collection is a collaboration with revolutionary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe - who is most well known for his black and white portraits of members of New York’s gay fetish underground scene.

So, you see, it's not just any old boner jacket. It's legitimate, culturally important art.

Though, try explaining that to the woman in Tesco screaming at you for flashing her kids by proxy.

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