08/03/2017 10:04 GMT

A Boy's Act Of Kindness For An Elderly Man Caught In A Hailstorm Restores People's Faith In Parenting

We wouldn't expect anything less from a child named after Elvis.

A boy’s selfless act of kindness for an elderly man caught in a hailstorm, has led to him being hailed a hero.

A man named Rick Rock was eating breakfast in a café in California, US, when he saw the boy grab his umbrella and run outside, to protect the man with a walking aid from the hail as he crossed the street.

Rock captured the moment on camera and shared it on Facebook on Sunday 5 March, with the aim of making some ‘good news’ go viral.

“Ken Ingersoll’s son Elvis, saw a customer coming in and ran out with an umbrella,” Rock explained.

“Good kids are still around they just don’t seem to be seen by the internet.”

People responded with praise for the boy and his parents.

“That’s a sign of great parenting,” wrote one commenter. “His parents should be very proud.

“Kids now-a-days need to be more compassionate.” 

Another added: “I love this so, so, so much. Great parenting to his parents, and great acceptance by their son.”

A mum whose son attends the same school as Elvis concurred: “This family is top notch. Sweet people.”

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