A Razor With Built-In Shaving Gel Is My Morning Saviour

From a basic Bic to a Gilette Comfortglide queen 👑

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I was in the shower at my flat-share when I spotted it: a pink razor with goo oozing from the blades. On closer inspection I realised it had built-in shaving gel. Genius.

I’d always been a basic Bic kinda gal mainly because I spent my teenage years nabbing spare razors from my mum’s bathroom. Then I just stuck with what I knew – so every time I went into Boots (or the equivalent) I’d grab a multipack of Bics and a can of shaving gel, and off I’d go.

But, alas, it isn’t that great for the planet throwing dozens of razors in the bin once they’re spent, nor is it conducive to a short shower in the morning when you’re having to faff about with shaving gel (I spend at least five minutes fighting with the lid, because wet hands) and then running a razor ever so slowly up your leg so you don’t end up with half a limb missing.

When I spotted my housemate’s 2-in-1 razor I decided that the next time I was in Boots, I’d be making an important switch. Fast forward five years and I haven’t looked back – Gillette’s Venus Comfortglide (the Spa Breeze kind, if you’re asking) is a permanent addition to my bathroom. The reason? It’s halved the time I spend in the shower shaving my legs and armpits, which means an extra few minutes in bed.

Can I get a hell yeah?

Gillette / HuffPost UK

Thanks to its built-in lathering gel, the razor provides a smooth, close finish and I don’t end up with cuts or ingrown hairs. It saves the need to buy both razors and shaving gel, and I find that the heads don’t go rusty as quickly as the Bics used to.

The heads are also super flexible so you can really get in the nooks and crannies – yes armpit crevices, I’m looking at you. This has been particularly useful for around my ankle bones which I always tend to miss and end up looking like Mr Tumnus. Awks.

Of course, no product is perfect and there are some drawbacks. Firstly, in summer, the built-in gel does run out quite quickly – mainly because I’m shaving regularly. This basically means I’m splurging more on replacement heads. However in winter I don’t have to replace them that often, I’d say once every two months.

While the Gillette razor does save me from buying (and lugging home) two different products, it’s still pretty spenny. You buy the full razor once and then have to buy replacement heads for it sporadically – the razor costs £7.99 RRP (although it is available for £4 on Asda) while the replacement heads cost £11.55 for a pack of four. Meanwhile you can get a pack of 10 Bics for £2.59.

But for the quality of the shave (hello smoothest ever legs), and the time and effort it saves me of a morning, I’d say they’re 100% worth it.

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