9 Pictures That Show The Reality Of Those Smug Back-To-School Photos

Bet you won't put these on Facebook.

In the first week back at school, all parents take pride in dressing their child for the all important Facebook Photo.

Although the pictures that make it to social media might show your child looking full of enthusiasm for a new term; the reality is that when they realise they won’t get to spend every day painting, they don’t look quite so full of excitement...

Bet you won’t be sharing these with grandma.

1. The first day really took its toll.

2. Realising you have to go back for a second day.

3. If I’m not dressed, you really can’t make me go.

4. And what is this packed lunch?

5. Starts off cheery, but the school bus ride grinds it out of her (click next photo to reveal).

6. Well at least one of them has the right idea.

7. Not even got the energy to pretend he cares.

8. No f**ks given.

9. So how many years do we have to do this for..?

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