8 Defunct Reality Shows We Want To See Return To Television

We think these would make a real splash in 2017.

We don’t know about you, but we think the current crop of reality TV shows might be starting to get ever so slightly passé.

Most of the shows we love have now been running for more than a decade, with the formats of ‘Big Brother’, ‘The X Factor’ and even our beloved ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ starting to feel like they’re growing a little stale.

That said, newer shows just aren’t whetting our reality appetite like they could be doing, largely because the ideas simply aren’t all that. ‘Flockstars’ saw celebrities becoming sheepdog-herders, while in the past couple of years we’ve seen a host of stars competing to become gymnasts, racing drivers and even circus performers… not that any of that has translated into particularly entertaining viewing.

As the ideas well feels like it’s running dry, we feel what TV producers should really be doing is delving into the reality vaults and bringing back some classic shows. To help them along, we’ve picked eight of our favourites that were either cut short in their prime, or would definitely resonate with a UK audience in 2017...

8 Defunct Reality TV Shows Due A Comeback