The True Reality TV Winners Of 2016: Who Stole The Show On 'X Factor', 'Strictly Come Dancing' And 'I'm A Celebrity'?

It's not always the champion who makes the biggest impact.

We’re taught as children that it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the taking part, but that can sometimes be a difficult lesson to remember.

However, sometimes it’s not the winner who shines brightest, but other competitors, which has been evidenced in practically all of our favourite reality shows in 2016.

Of course, we’re not saying that the actual victors didn’t deserve their respective prizes, but in our eyes, this lot will always be winners…

Tiffany Pollard - 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Fourth place? Fourth place for the HBIC? Behind Scotty T? Danniella Westbrook? And Darren Day?!

This January's 'CBB' wasn't exactly short of memorable moments, and there were plenty of storylines to keep viewers entertained.

Although Tiffany wasn't a key player in the ongoing story arcs of the series, she did provide plenty of memorable lines in the series, whether it was welcoming Scotty with "open arms and..," well, you know the rest, admonishing Gemma's "old maiden type of shoes" or reacting hysterically after being mistakenly led to believe one of the housemates had died in the bedroom.

New York, we salute you.
Joel Dommett - 'I'm A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here!'
Nobody is going to say that Scarlett Moffatt wasn't a deserving winner, but the 'Gogglebox' star already had a fan base who knew how well she'd get on in the jungle.

More impressive was the popularity of Joel, who was a relative unknown who came to win over viewers and finish in second place, thanks to his positive attitude and quick wit.
Karthik - 'The Apprentice'
In what was undeniably one of the most dull series of 'The Apprentice' that we can recall, Karthik was a much-needed ray of sunshine or, at the very least, a source of amusement.

Here he is trying to prove to people that his product - the changing robe - is the biz, without actually using it to change. As he points out, "there is a matter of taste".
Katya Jones - 'Strictly Come Dancing'
Much has been said of Ed Balls' rise on 'Strictly Come Dancing', eventually becoming one of the biggest talking points of the series, by lasting far longer than anyone expected him to.

But while many have defended his place on the show by saying he's made a lot of progress, that's all down to one woman - his professional partner, Katya Jones.

She's managed to make what could have been a difficult first year on 'Strictly' into a triumphant one, and we hope that she's rewarded by being partnered with the 2017 version of Danny Mac in next year's series.

Which leads us nicely onto...
Katya Zamolodchikova - 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars'
From one Katya to another, this queen became a fan-favourite during the seventh series of 'RuPaul's Drag Race'.

However, her popularity was more to do with her activity on YouTube on social media than her performance on the show, so when 'All Stars 2' rolled around in 2016, it was a dead cert she'd go far.

Everything there is to love about Katya is condensed into her 'Read U Wrote U' verse. It's silly, it's off-the-wall, it's packed with references, it's ridiculous - it's a bit sexy and a bit weird, and we can't think of a better compliment for a drag queen than that.
Saara Aalto - 'The X Factor'
Andy West - 'Big Brother'
We take our hat off to Andy. Even before 'Big Brother', he'd had a bit of a turbulent 12 months, losing his job at the BBC after speaking out over the controversial decision to nominate Tyson Fury for Sports Personality Of The year

The 'BB' house seemed an unlikely next stop for him, but he (pretty much) managed to keep his head in a setting - and around people - that would drive others to distraction.
Selasi Gbormittah - 'Great British Bake Off'
We can easily imagine 'Bake Off' winner Candice following in her predecessor, Nadiya Hussain's footsteps and carving out a career for herself on TV.

The man we really want to see more of, though, is Selasi, who won our hearts with low-key adorable moments like this one.
Lydia Lucy - 'The Voice'
'The Voice' is famously the British talent show that's yet to spawn an actual star... despite being on the air for five years now.

We came close this year, with the Lydia Lucy. One of Liberty X won instead, though. Yeah.
Dean Cain - 'The Jump'
He mightn't have triumphed, but the 'Superman' actor did manage to make it right to the end of 'The Jump' without breaking a bone - a victory in itself.

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