6 Best Responses To A Guy Who Refuses To Go Down On You


Ever found yourself with a partner who is more than happy to receive oral sex but isn’t so enthusiastic when it comes to returning the favour?

A study by Medical Daily showed that women are twice as likely to go down on men during sex, proving once and for all that blow jobs do get top billing.

So just in case anyone tries to tell you they won’t be partaking in the downstairs party, make sure you have a strong list of reasons they should reconsider.

1. You’re far more likely to give your partner an orgasm.

Sociologist Elizabeth Armstrong looked at data on the likelihood of orgasm among 15,000 students she found that just 15% of women had an orgasm during penetrative sex with a new partner.

In contrast, 63% of women who experienced oral sex (as well as penetrative sex) during a first sexual encounter achieved orgasm - and isn’t that what everyone wants?

2. It isn’t going to make you gag.

As much as we love giving oral sex, sometimes men can get a little over-enthused, and our gag reflex really does not appreciate it.

But University of Sussex psychology student Amelia Green argues that women don’t present the same throat threat. Green wrote in a blog post for Huffington Post UK: “Unlike men, girls won’t ever force your head down. Girls won’t make you gag.”

3. More oral sex makes for a more satisfying sex life for everyone.

Researchers at The Chapman University found that sexually satisfied men and women engaged in more oral sex during intercourse. They also did more cuddling, gentle and deep kissing and laughing together.

4. If you expect a blow job, it only seems fair.

When student William Lloyd wrote for The Tab that he didn’t go down on women because someone had once squirted in his face, women (including his ex-girlfriend) were quick to remind him that’s usually how it ends for them...

@lemonsand Y'all's semen is basically a Jackson Pollock painting after you orgasm but god forbid we come and it goes anywhere.

— the boo baby (@mcgreenw) October 26, 2015

5. This isn’t just for our enjoyment.

If you never try, then there is a high chance that you’re missing out on a large part of your sex life that you could really enjoy.

Men on Reddit talked about how much they loved the experience: “Getting her off is what turns me on mentally and physically. The better it is for her the better it is for me,” said whitehaitian.

And originalnutta agreed: “I love it. I actually have fantasies about going down on a chick, more than I do about f**king her. I find it empowering when I have that sort of control over a woman.”

6. If you are worried about safety, we can use an oral dam.

Sex and relationships columnist Suzi Godson is quick to point out that your partner may have legitimate reasons to not want to partake in oral sex: “Don’t jump to conclusions. Ask him why he doesn’t want to do it.”

Tracey Cox, says that men might be saying no to unprotected oral sex, through fear of contracting the HPV virus, which can cause throat or mouth cancer. But you can practice safe oral sex and use an oral dam.

Problem solved.