12 Things You'll Totally Get If Autumn Is Your Favourite Season

Pumpkin-spiced lattes on tap.

While everyone else is bemoaning the end of summer, you’re secretly loving getting your knitwear out of storage and planning cosy nights in.

Admittedly the pouring rain can get a bit depressing, but who cares when you’ve got hundreds of box sets to get through?

From crunchy leaves underfoot to Sunday roasts washed down with red wine, here are a dozen things to make you happy it’s autumn.

1. You have an excuse to hibernate and not be social.

2. TV gets so much better.

3. There is even less incentive to shave your legs.

4. You get to wear all the knitwear.

5. And log fires are so romantic.

6. Public transport isn’t a sweat box.

7. You can justify going to bed at 7.30 because it’s dark already.

8. And wear your pyjamas 24/7.

9. Your Instagram looks so much better with all the autumnal colours.

10. You can eat all the beige carbohydrates without any looming holidays to think about.

11. Hot chocolate becomes a viable drink choice.

12. And if you really can’t stand the weather, holidays abroad are cheaper too.

Everyone wins.

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