8 Signs You're Suffering From Mid-Summer Angst

WTF, August?

The mid-summer angst is well and truly setting in.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s the constant feeling that summer is going to be over imminently and you haven’t made the most of it.

No tan, no summer romance, and no more holidays - sound familiar?

If you haven’t yet diagnosed yourself with mid-summer angst, you might want to check for the signs...

1. You refuse to accept we are hurtling towards September and maintain it is the 1st of June.

2. You spend the whole day at work looking at cheap flights to anywhere with sun in a desperate attempt to squeeze in a tan.

3. You keep wearing shorts in 15 degrees because your summer wardrobe has barely seen daylight.

4. Your voice attains a pitch even dogs can’t hear every time another colleague puts on their ‘out of office’.

5. You want every meal to be a BBQ or eaten al fresco.

6. You deliberately avoid the shops because they’re already forcing Autumn clothes upon us.

7. You keep telling everyone it’s going to be an Indian summer and this is just the long build-up. Any day now.

8. You’re mourning the loss of all the summer romances you were didn’t have and are considering swiping right on the BDSM guy Tinder.

9. And all the skills you and your friends were going to spend your weekends learning.

This was supposed to be fun, goddamnit.

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