11 Excuses For Why Your Elf On The Shelf Hasn’t Moved

It's definitely not because we forgot.

Forgetting to move your elf to a different shelf happens to the best of us.

So just in case you might need to explain to your (soon-to-be disappointed children) why this festive f**k up might have occurred, you should consider the following options.

1. Your elf had such a good view he didn’t want to move.

He is right in front of the TV after all.

2. Your elf slept in.

And you woke up too early. Perhaps you should try sleeping past 5.30am?

3. Father Christmas told your elf to stay in that position.

And he wouldn’t disobey orders from North Pole HQ.

4. You misbehaved yesterday, so your elf needs to stay and be extra vigilant today.

We did warn you there would be consequences of not eating your broccoli.

5. Your elf is giving you a second chance to re-do yesterday.

Perhaps you really need to consider if you were well behaved enough to deserve presents this year?

6. Somebody touched your elf and he lost his magic.

*Blame daddy*

7. Your elf heard you getting out of bed right as he went to move, and stayed still.

Next time, why don’t you let mummy and daddy check before you come down?

8. It’s too warm in the house.

Elves are used to living in the climate of the Arctic circle, perhaps we need to put him in the freezer to let him cool off today?

9. Your elf is tired.

It does happen to the best of us.

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10. Your elf is playing a trick.

How do you know he didn’t move in the night for an elf party and then go back to the same place?

11. Your elf is testing you to see if you’re paying attention.

Ah, that old chestnut.