16 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Stay Single

Get those kitties.

We’re told our happily ever after lies in the arms of another human being, but what if living our best life is actually all about being single?

Although Angelina Jolie might not be enjoying flying solo after her split from Brad Pitt, scientists have told single folk that we’re likely to have more friends, be in better shape, and experience more growth than those in relationships.

Plus we all know a sharing bag of Maltesers is really only made for one person.

So here are 16 reasons to stay single and ready to mingle.

1. You can set the thermostat at your temperature of choice.

2. You don’t have to fight for your half of the duvet.

3. You can keep the same bed sheets on for six weeks.

4. You can laugh at your own jokes and be assured you’re damn hilarious.

5. You don’t have anyone judging your personal interests.

6. You are not contractually obliged to share your Netflix login details with anyone.

7. You don’t feel guilt because you performed Les Mis in the shower and used all the hot water.

8. You don’t have to pull someone else’s hair out of the plug.

9. You can go to the toilet with the door open.

10. You can convince yourself that staring into the void is a legit hobby.

11. You can sing Beyoncé ‘Single Ladies’ and not feel like a fraud.

12. You can rely on your friends for reassurance when you’re experiencing self doubt.

13. You can go looking for attention when you need it.

14. You don’t go to sleep worrying someone is cheating on you.

15. You can leave the blueprints for your cat commune on the kitchen table.

16. Your get a free pass to ignore your grandma’s questions about babies.