Rebekah Vardy Breaks Silence: 'Arguing With Coleen Rooney Would Be Like Arguing With A Pigeon'

“I thought she was my friend but she completely annihilated me."

Rebekah Vardy has broken her silence after Coleen Rooney turned detective to allege her friend’s Instagram account was the source of leaked stories about her private life appearing in the tabloid press.

But instead of white flags or olive branches, we’ve got... a pigeon analogy.

As the fallout from the highly public dispute continues, Rebekah spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed just what was said during a phone call with Coleen after she went public with her suspicions on social media.

Rebekah Vardy <em>(left)</em> and Coleen Rooney
Rebekah Vardy (left) and Coleen Rooney

Rebekah, who is the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie, furiously denies any wrongdoing and said she has hired a cyber security expert to clear her name.

The 37-year-old told the Mail: “I said to her: ’Coleen, what on earth have you done?

“It was not an easy phone call. She said to me: ‘I’m not pointing the finger’ and I said: ‘You have just annihilated me in public and hung me out to dry. The whole world hates me!’.

“I thought she was my friend but she completely annihilated me. She said: ‘You know, I always really liked you, which makes it harder.’”

Asked if they argued on the phone, the newspaper states that Rebekah is careful not to explicitly denounce Coleen, but replied: “That would be like arguing with a pigeon. You can tell it that you are right and it is wrong, but it’s still going to shit in your hair.”

Coleen <em>(front)</em> and Rebekah were good friends before the drama unfolded.
Coleen (front) and Rebekah were good friends before the drama unfolded.

Coleen said she had spent months trying to get to the bottom of who was leaking stories about her to the Sun newspaper.

She blocked access to her private Instagram account to everyone except Rebekah’s page and planted a series of false stories that later found their way into print.

Rebekah insists third parties have had access to her Instagram account and an expert is working to discover who could have been behind the leaks.

A spokesman for Coleen said: “It is irrefutable that the leaks came from one account, and one account only.”

The Sun has since responded to Coleen and Rebekah’s exchange, stating: “Each of the stories provided to The Sun was put to Coleen’s representatives before publication, and on each occasion they declined to comment.”

The Mail states that Rebekah did not receive any payment for her interview, but at her request a donation has been made to the mental health charity MIND.